Door Entry Systems

There are numerous door protection measures allowing safe and secure entrance to your property.

Every door has a solid stainless steel structure, with multipoint locking mechanisms that are protected with drill resistant plates. You can choose from a range of locking mechanisms from manual, electronic key fob and or finger print (biometric) technology.

Invisible Security Chain


One of the most common is the door security chain which has one end secured to the door panel and another to the door frame. As secure as one
might think these are, they have a common security defect as they are visible and easily accessible from the outside when the door is ajared.

When the door is open with the safety chain in place, intruders can make an attempt of cutting such a chain or simply by using minimal force to obtain entry. This security measure is also considered to have aesthetic disadvantages. Taking into account these obvious defects, Y Secure has an innovative solution in place overcoming both the aesthetics and the security drawbacks of a traditional security chain.

Our invisible security chain is installed in the internal cavity of the door panel, hence the reason it is invisible. The door panel is linked with the casing not by a chain but with metal bars sliding into respective openings in the top and bottom of the casing.

The invisible safety chain substantially increases the door resistance against attempts of forced entry. The tests of breaking the invisible security chain carried out in the laboratory, resulted in the deformation of the metal bars at an concentrated load at the locks exceeding an incredible 530 kg.

YSM-1 Lock

The YSM-1 Lock has top of the range in security parameters for all classes of certification. Our locks are continually tested to check their quality and to ensure they have been designed and manufactured to guarantee durability and effectiveness over time. The YSM-1 lock comes with keys which cannot be reproduced. Even the installers key is de-activated once the primary users set is first used.

Your personalised card provides unique details for replacement keys. The YSM-1 cylinder has protection against lock picking and lock bumping. The armoured locks are protected by two drill resistant manganese plates. On the lock side, there are 5 locking bolts and two additional bolts directed upwards and downwards. On the hinge side their are a further 2 locking bolts. Each bolt is protected by a steel sleeve in the door frame.

Y Secure’s X Key

Y Secure’s X Key is a keyless entry system which is operated via a digital transponder in the form of a key Fob. Simply touch the electronic key fob to the door entry system, which will retract the motorised locks. There is no need to use a manual key. The door can be opened from the inside by a simple electronic push button mechanism.

EF Scanner Fingerprint

The EF Scanner fingerprint entry system offers the ultimate in biometric security, offering a convenient, affordable, safe and reliable solution. The scanner analyses each finger print swipe to provide a unique thermal signature, which trans codes into a digital signature to open the door. Up to 99 fingerprints can be programmed to the door, with additional functions such as activation of a silent alarm. The EF scanner system operates a quality management system in compliance with EN ISO 9001:2008 and is certified accordingly

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