Bi-Fold Doors & Sliding Doors

A captivating design aimed at the refined and conscientious, aïr offers a world of boundless possibilities.

Our range has been created to offer classic design and robust longevity whatever the location. Harness the technology and beauty of aïr to create harmony and an enduring legacy.

aïr is designed to be impressive – we have quite simply thought of everything.


Our dependable and well-judged product specifications offer customers the kind of details they crave. Multiple configurations and functionality offer problem solving solutions and boundless design specifications. Tested to the utmost extreme, aïr is precision-built to endure the most demanding environments.

Our range of aluminium doors offer exceptional weather, security, insulation and noise reduction capabilities that can stand years of daily use. Extreme testing, specialist engineering processes and inspired workmanship enables the timeless essence of our products to shine through in all conditions.

Combining incredible form and function, aïr endures like all the best things in life Blending beauty and utility have long been the hallmarks of the most creative individuals of our time. Our bi-fold and lift & slide doors are design classics that will stand the test of time.

From quirky and unusual architectural requirements to designs for extreme locations, our products are coveted by those with an eye for detail and a love of creativity. Discreet and unobtrusive – we offer inspired solutions and boundless opportunities that will enrich any environment.

AIRPAGE5The world of bi-fold and lift & slide doors can all seem very bland and rather boring. aïr is different. aïr doors are not only extreme with regards to performance values, but are also impressive, refined and captivating in terms of design, technology and aesthetic appeal.

Constructed to endure and sustain the daily rigours of modern living, and climate change. What we offer here is the dedication of countless hours of testing and cutting edge engineering.

If you want to keep at the cutting edge of what is possible in the world of sliding doors, then look no further than the aïr 500LS & 600LS. aïr Lift & Slide doors feature aïrglide technology, ensuring smooth operation for years to come.

Strong stainless steel rollers mean that huge panes of glass that weigh up to 300kg can be easily moved with just 2 fingers. No tugging, heaving, or pushing. Moving the doors is not a workout. They slide and glide effortlessly. A ‘floating corner’ option opens up a space like never before.
No more obtrusive, ugly posts – just seamless and captivating views. Complete the look with a designer Purity handle. Coated with the same material used in spacecrafts, these handles are durable and engineered to impress.

If a folding door is more to your taste, then let us introduce you to the aïr 800, the Rolls Royce of folding doors.


With the ability to command extreme views with panels as large as 3m tall and to withstand wind loads of over 100mph, aïr 800 creates extreme possibilities for any design, build or transformation of a home. Super slim sightlines from only 108mm means you get less frame and more view.

These are some of the slimmest doors available. There are over 200 door configurations and with a choice of thousands of colours, the design possibilities are boundless. An optional aïrcoat textured paint finish creates a hardy scratch and dirt resistance surface. Tested to the extreme, aïr 800 meets Secured by Design Standard.

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